Dean Marshall ( proprietor and owner ) has been a keen carp angler since 1987 and with a personal best 'so far' of over 65lb, his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm is now being channelled into making ID Bait Develpments products available to all.

Dean started his carp fishing career at the School Pool in Faversham and has fished a huge variety of venues both in the UK and abroad. Deciding that he could produce a better and cheaper alternative to other commercially available baits, Dean has developed and continually improved his range whilst enjoying successful campaigns on venues such as Chilham Mill, Wellington Country Park, Freemasons and Rainbow Lake amongst others.

Based in Kent, ID Bait Developments already have a band of loyal 'in the know' followers who have been using our range of baits for many years with great results. Word of mouth has resulted in ID Bait Developments gaining a reputation for being able to supply top quality bait at a reasonable cost and now Dean has made the decision to make his range of baits available to all carp anglers and give them the opportunity of experiencing just how good his baits are.

Our range of baits and liquids are made with the best ingredients and flavours and have consistently out fished the competition wherever they are used.

Give ID Bait Developments range a chance and we guarantee that you will not be dissapointed.